Roofing Insurance Claims

Damage to your roof can be incredibly concerning, and regardless of what has caused this damage, you’ll want to file a claim with your insurance provider as soon as possible. If this is your first time claiming, the process can seem daunting, but these are the steps you’ll need to take to give yourself the best chance of success. Whether you have experienced hail damage or wind damage, make sure you assess the extent of the damage to your home before starting the claim process.

Ways to File a Roof Insurance Claim

Acting quickly is essential when it comes to dealing with roof damage, and you’ll want to make contact and file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. The longer that your roof sits with the damage that’s occurred, the worse it’s going to get. You also run the risk of the damage looking like wear instead of being the result of an incident. You can contact your insurance company by phone or online, depending on their procedures. You’ll need to tell them about the damage to your roof and any leaks that may be occurring, as well as the cause of the damage. To protect yourself, make sure you keep a log of all correspondence, including the name of the team member you spoke to and what you discussed.

Filing a Claim

The first step towards filing a claim is to document the damage and the date of loss. Take as many photos as possible to show the extent of the damage and what caused the issue before you do anything to protect your roof. You’ll then need to call your insurance company and discuss the incident and confirm whether the damage and the cause of damage are covered on your insurance policy. Your insurance company can then provide you with the paperwork to file a claim, which will officially start the process.

Next Steps During the Claim

It is very typical for insurance companies to conduct an inspection with an insurance adjuster, who will review the damage to your roof. They will then work with your insurance provider and a roof repair company, to determine the cost of repairing the roof and the extent of the needed work. You’ll want to wait until this has all been confirmed before going ahead with any repair work if possible, to ensure your contractor’s costs will be covered, as they may have a set list of companies you need to use. Remember to factor in the deductible to the costs, as you may have to pay for a certain amount of the repairs before your insurance company covers the rest. Keep all of your receipts throughout the process, as you’ll need to claim these costs back after the work is completed.

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